What Happens During Your Coolsculpting Session?

What Happens During Your Coolsculpting Session?

What Happens During Philadelphia Coolsculpting?

There are certain areas of the body where fat cells are much denser, making these areas stubbornly resistant to diet. Typical areas include love handles on the hips and muffin tops at the waistline. Exercise usually isn’t effective in eliminating fat because it builds muscle that makes the fat look even more pronounced.

Individuals who wanted a way to eliminate this type of body fat were limited in the past to undergoing liposuction. Luckily for them, today’s Coolsculpting or cryolipolysis, procedure is more effective than ever, in addition to being faster, safer and more comfortable.

Getting A Consultation

The first and most important part of the Coolsculpting process is locating a qualified clinic that offers Coolsculpting, relates well to the patient’s needs, and has certified training in cryolipolysis, the “fat freezing” procedure commonly known as Coolsculpting. At Sheer Sculpt, we offer all three qualities.

At your initial consultation, he will ask questions about your lifestyle and what your weight loss goals are. Then we will examine what parts of your body retain excess fat and discuss a holistic approach to nonsurgical weight loss.

Finally, we will walk you through the Coolsculpting process, establishing a connection between the procedure and your weight loss goals. We will describe the Coolsculpting process in detail and how it might benefit your specific weight loss goals. We will also answer any additional questions about Coolsculpting treatment.

On Treatment Day

To start, we use assorted applicator devices to determine where you want to lose body fat and the amount that needs to be eliminated.

Once the Coolsculpting treatment begins, it lasts anywhere between thirty minutes to one hour. Patients during that period can nap, surf the web, read or even check their e-mail. Because no anesthesia is administered, patients require no downtime, with most being able to return to work or regular daily activities immediately following the procedure. Common side effects, including minor swelling, soreness and redness around the treatment area, are mild and don’t last long.

Coolsculpting patients see results within three weeks, as excess fat in stubborn problem zones continues to shrink up to three months later.

Isn’t it time you got the body you always wanted, without embarrassing muffin tops and love handles? Visit us today and schedule your initial consultation.