Cancellation Policy

Effective January 1, 2021

Although our consultations will continue to remain a courtesy (free) for all new patients, we have found it necessary to require that all patients must place a credit or debit card on file to reserve their appointments.

The credit or debit card that you place on file with us will automatically be charged $50.00 if one of the two following situations occur regarding your appointment:

  1. You do not show up for your appointment.
  2. You cancel or reschedule your appointment with LESS THAN 24 hours notice of the appointment’s scheduled start time and date. The cancellation of or rescheduling of an appointment can be completed either in the form of an email sent to; or by phoning Sheer Sculpt’s office at 484-842-1558. Our phone system has a program that time-stamps and logs the exact date and time that you call and/or leave a voicemail.

Our daily time slots are limited, and our services are in demand. Keeping your scheduled appointment times allow us to continue to tend to all of our patients’ needs in an attentive and professional manner.