A new generation of cool has been released, and it’s called CoolSculpting Elite. It’s faster, less sticky and treats more fat!

CoolSculpting Elite, a new addition to the market, is the same body contouring you know and love, but enhanced to cover more area at once and boost results. The Elite technology, like CoolSculpting, is FDA-cleared, non-surgical, and completely non-invasive, with little to no downtime required, so you can get back to your daily activities right away.

CoolSculpting Elite vs. CoolSculpting

  • Better engineered – Means 100% of patients obtain faster and better results than ever before
  • Each machine has two applicators, which means it can freeze more fat in less time
  • Redesigned applicator = improved contact, grip, and outcomes
  • More points for CoolSculpting and other Allergan procedures
  • Removable applicator heads equate to more treatments in less time
  • More relaxation = a quieter machine and better experience.

What is CoolSculpting?

Cryolipolysis or CoolSculpting is a non-surgical procedure to freeze fat cells and remove excess weight for a slimmer physique. The CoolSculpting procedure, now available at SheerSculpt in Chester County Pennsylvania is considered a safer alternative to liposuction. CoolSculpting became popular in the United States after it received FDA approval in 2010 and endorsements from celebrities like Debra Messing and many others. CoolSculpting is meant for patients who seek moderate changes to their thigh, abdomen, back or upper arm. It has been praised by patients who have flattened their stomach, removed love handles and minimized triceps fat.

CoolSculpting OriginThe procedure originates from a scientific observation at Harvard University that children who ate popsicles had dimples in their cheeks. The cold temperatures, scientists found, can freeze small pockets of fat cells resulting in the loss of fat underneath the skin without any impact to the appearance of the exterior skin. By targeting small areas, patients can eliminate excess fat and slim down. Many patients report that CoolSculpting has given them greater confidence and helped them feel more comfortable in their clothes. The procedure is considered a popular leisure activity in Europe where it is approved in many salons and gyms.

The Procedure

Candidates for the CoolSculpting procedure are required to go through a consultation to evaluate their skin and goals before being approved for treatment. Once approved for treatment, one of our specialists will use cooling panels to suction the excess fat like a vacuum by bringing it to the optimal temperature right around or below freezing, which is the point at which fat cells die. Patients are awake for this procedure and can read or nap during the process. Patients report feeling a cooling sensation followed by a sense of numbness with minimal levels of pain. The procedure takes approximately 35 minutes per surface area. Though it sometimes results in external bruising, patients can return to work immediately following the procedure.

The Results

Results may take between four and six weeks to be recognizable as the body naturally adapts and eliminates fat cells. Fat loss will reach its peak about eight weeks after the operation and skin smooths out around 12 weeks after the operation. In is generally advisable to plan a treatment about three months ahead of a vacation or event. Though patients sometimes require multiple treatments to obtain optimal results, this non-invasive, fat reduction service results in noticeable reduction in fat cell after one treatment. To be exact, CoolSculpting eliminates between 20 and 25 percent of fat cells in the desired area and destroyed fat cells will not return once they have been eliminated. View before and after photos here.

Before and after coolsculpting fat cells are reduced