5 things to know about CoolSculpting

5 things to know about CoolSculpting

CoolSculpting is a hot topic lately with it being frequently lauded and discussed on television, in magazines and by actors. Many people swear by these treatments insisting that CoolSculpting has helped them get rid of plenty of excess fat without any of the downtime or risks associated with traditional surgical treatments. Philadelphia CoolSculpting at SheerSculpt is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment that is recommended for use on small areas of fatty tissue that do not respond well to diet and exercise alone. Have you wondered if this treatment really works as well as has been reported? While it certainly does work and has a place in the new array of body sculpting techniques, you will want to read on to learn more about the ins and outs of CoolSculpting.

First, find out if you are considered to be a good candidate for Coolsculpting. CoolSculpting is only useful for pockets of subcutaneous fat but is not approved for a reduction in visceral fat. While both types of fat can affect your shape and your weight, subcutaneous fat is probably the type that comes to your mind first when you think about a muffin top, bra area bulge or love handle. Subcutaneous fat sits beneath the skin and can be reduced or removed using CoolSculpting techniques as well as with traditional surgical liposuction. However, visceral fat is the tissue that surrounds many of the internal organs, such as the liver and intestines. It cannot be reached using either surgical or non-surgical body sculpting techniques.

Second, you will definitely want to go to a licensed provider with an approved practice before you have CoolSculpting performed. Sadly, CoolSculpting machines can be easy to come by with some even being sold on such sites as eBay. Therefore, check the official CoolSculpting Website to find a list of licensed providers before heading to your nearest office.

Third, not only should your CoolSculpting provider be licensed, but also he or she should have been trained at the CoolSculpting University. This is sometimes referred to as Cool U. Upon completion of this training, the provider will have received a certification of completion, which denotes that he or she is under the guidance of a medical doctor.

Fourth, be aware that not every CoolSculpting machine can treat every area of the body. Certain body parts or areas of fat require special attachments that come in certain shapes or sizes. Contact the facility you plan to use first before coming in to ensure that they treat your desired body part.

Finally, ask your licensed CoolSculpting provider if he or she offers discounts for multiple treatments. For example, if you want to treat two or three areas simultaneously or back-to-back, the provider may give you a percentage off the listed price for additional treatments. At SheerSculpt, we provide discounts on multiple cycles and honor lower prices that are offered in the surrounding area.

Once you have looked into each of these five tips, you can request a consultation and treatment time with us. Philadelphia CoolSculpting is an amazing treatment in that it can permanently remove fat without and injections or surgery and with no downtime for recovery following the procedure. Call today for your CoolSculpting consultation and find a new shape to your body.