How to Get the Best CoolSculpting Results

How to Get the Best CoolSculpting Results

How to get the best CoolSculpting results

CoolSculpting is a noninvasive cosmetic procedure that removes abdominal fat by freezing and killing fat cells. After your CoolSculpting session, your body processes and eliminates the dead fat cells, which flattens and tones your abdominal area.

Philadelphia CoolSculpting is an easy, painless procedure that has no downtime. You can go right back to your daily life after your appointment, and you can expect your torso to slim down over the next few months. However, it’s not a magic weight loss solution that will keep your stomach toned no matter what. Your results will depend on the effort you put in after the procedure. Here are three tips for getting the best CoolSculpting results:

Eat a healthy diet.

CoolSculpting destroys some fat cells, but it’s still possible to gain weight after the procedure. On average, the treatment only removes about 25 percent of the fat cells in the area. When you gain or lose weight, your fat cells grow or shrink. If you overeat after the treatment, the remaining fat cells can still expand and make your abdominal area look bigger. Also, other areas of your body might gain more weight since you have fewer fat cells in your abdomen.

The best way to avoid weight gain after CoolSculpting is to eat a healthy diet. You don’t have to make major changes to your diet and lifestyle to keep the weight off, but being conscious of what you eat will help you keep your stomach flat and toned. Avoid processed junk foods, which are dense in calories and lacking in nutrients. Instead, most of your meals should consist of fruits, veggies, whole grains, and protein.

You may find that eating four or five smaller meals throughout the day works better than eating two or three large meals. Eating smaller but more frequent meals can keep you full and prevent you from snacking on junk food.


Exercise is another great way to prevent weight gain after CoolSculpting. You should speak to your doctor before you start a new exercise regimen, especially if you’ve ever had an injury or have any current health issues.

A combination of cardio and strength training is usually best for maximizing your CoolSculpting results. Cardio burns calories and helps you maintain your weight, and strength training builds muscle and makes your abdomen look more toned. You can alternate between cardio days and strength training days, taking at least one rest day per week.

Your exercise plan doesn’t need to be extreme or intense to achieve results. Just 30 minutes per day of moderate cardio or strength exercises will work well.

Manage your expectations.

One of the best ways to be happy with your results is to have reasonable expectations. CoolSculpting isn’t a weight loss treatment, and you shouldn’t expect to lose lots of weight with it. The treatment is best for people who have less than 10 pounds to lose and want to target their abdominal area. If you’re more than 20 pounds overweight, you should speak to your doctor about other weight loss options before you try CoolSculpting.

Your Philadelphia CoolSculpting session will help you get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that won’t go away with diet and exercise. CoolSculpting can destroy fat cells, flatten your stomach, and help you achieve your cosmetic goals. However, to achieve the best results, you have to continue taking care of your body and following a healthy lifestyle.