CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction : Which One to Pick?

CoolSculpting vs. Liposuction : Which One to Pick?

What are Liposuction and CoolSculpting?

Liposuction has been the most widely performed cosmetic surgery for many years. The number of people opting for Liposuction is staggering. It is not an exaggeration to say that Liposuction has been the facade of fat reduction surgeries and procedures.

Though there have been many satisfied patients who’ve been able to reduce their overall body fat with the help of this surgery, there have also been few downsides and side effects that need to be addressed. With the risk of post-surgical weight gain and the rapid gain of visceral fat, the market demanded a need for better procedures.

This demand led to the development of novel techniques and procedures in the fat reduction market. In the past, few procedures have tried to give Liposuction a tough competition and pose as an ideal alternative; however, all those attempts have been constant failures and let downs until CoolSculpting came into play.

For all those of you who haven’t heard about CoolSculpting yet, this is it; it’s the new, healthier and modern method for reducing your fat. CoolSculpting is a revolutionary and a non-invasive procedure through which cooling technology is employed to get rid of fat cells permanently without the need for surgery. With CoolSculpting, there’s no recurring post surgery visceral fat production, unlike Liposuction.

Liposuction vs. CoolSculpting

Liposuction is a surgical process; an operation is performed on your body which requires anesthesia, incisions and an extended period of rest and recovery time post-surgery. On the other hand, there is nothing of that sort with CoolSculpting. It is an entirely non-evasive process. No needles, no surgical knives, no anesthesia and no injections.

Surgery brings a whole array of complications and problems of its own. However, you don’t have such complications and issues when it comes to CoolSculpting. No surgery equals no unnecessary complications and issues. Infections and fluid buildups are the commonly experienced undesirable side effects of Liposuction. We don’t want them.

The only downside and the least likely side effect you might be experiencing minor bruising, tingling, redness or discomfort in the treated area. It is no way serious and life-threatening; this is experienced by a small group of people who undergo the treatment, and not everybody is subjected to those effects. Also, these side effects, if persistent will go away on their own and they don’t need any treatment.

There is zero downtime involved with CoolSculpting, and you can resume your daily activities right away.

There is one clear benefit that one experiences when he or she picks Liposuction. Liposuction is used to reach, clear and treat with the fat that is in larger areas as well as the areas of the body that are hard to reach. In this process, a suction tube is inserted into the skin using which the fat cells are sucked out. This procedure, however, leads to an even or bumpy areas in your skin because of the treatment. But then, if you apply CoolSculpting, it freezes the fat inside the body over a period of time. Once the fat is frozen, your body dissolves it and eliminates it naturally. In a period as short as three weeks, you can see the results. With this process, you have a smooth skin void of any dents and bumps.

And the verdict is…

If you’re chasing quick and instant results, proceed with Liposuction. But if you’re someone who wants to play it safe and the natural way without being a host to unexpected side effects, then CoolSculpting is your right option. Choose the natural, safe and side effects free way to change your body! If you’re searching for a CoolSculpting clinic in Philadelphia, choose SheerSculpt.