Contour Your Body this Summer with CoolSculpting

Contour Your Body this Summer with CoolSculpting

We want our bodies to look their best. Sometimes, there are areas of our bodies that hold onto fat deposits, despite our best efforts. People have used liposuction to get rid of fat and improve the shape of their bodies for years. There is a new way to contour and reshape our bodies. It’s called CoolSculpting.

How Does CoolSculpting Work?

Coolsculpting is a non-surgical method of removing stubborn fat cells. It targets problem areas with controlled cooling and suction. The fat cells are frozen. One they freeze, they die off. The fat cells are then naturally eliminated from the body
Once the fat cells are eliminated, you are left with a smoother, sculpted body shape and improved appearance.

What Is A CoolSculpting Treatment Like?

The process is quite simple, but effective. Here’s what to expect:

  1. One of the well-trained staff will apply the suction device to the area of fat you want to target
  2. The skin will be drawn up between two of the cooling panels. This may involve feeling pulling and some pressure. That’s normal.
  3. You are able to relax during the procedure, which takes around an hour per session.

Some people even use their treatment time to read,work remotely,or even watch a movie. In most cases, this treatment only needs one session per area.

What Are The Benefits Of CoolSculpting Treatments?

People choose CoolScuplting for their fat reduction and body contouring needs for numerous reasons. Some of the reasons people choose this method include:

  • The fat cells will be removed completely from the body
  • The fat in the treatment area can be reduced as much as 20% in a single session
  • It is more affordable than liposuction
  • The treatment only takes 1 hour
  • It’s non-surgical and non-invasive
  • Has very few risks or complications associated with it
  • No downtime

Is CoolSculpting The Right Choice For You?

This treatment option has been beneficial to numerous patients in helping them get the body shape they’ve wanted and getting rid of stubborn fat. What makes someone a good candidate for this procedure? A good candidate will:

  • Have and maintain a healthy lifestyle,including diet and exercise
  • Want to avoid more invasive surgical options
  • Have small, stubborn areas of fat to treat

If you meet the above description, this procedure may be a wonderful option for you. Some people consider this treatment as a refinement or a supplement to what they are already doing.

People who are healthy and active, but just need a little help with certain areas of the body see great success with using CoolSculpting in Chadds Ford, Paoli and the Main Line, PA. To get and maintain the maximum benefits of this procedure, keeping your healthy lifestyle is vital.

CoolSculpting treatments can be the option you have been looking for to get the body you want. Contact Sheer Sculpt and learn more about your options today.